Two's Company, Three's A Crowd


Having fun this summer trying out some new ideas
with "the girls."  Decided to elongate the pillows
and put three ladies from a series altogether.
The more the merrier I figured.

These three femmes are from the
"Les Femmes de Paris" series.
Edith, Manon and Isabella are just little
reminders of the beautiful women of Paris.

"The Midlife Madonnas" were the second series of
pillows I developed when I started Priscilla Mae over 10
years ago.  They were a hit with my customers who are
or were midlife madonnas at the time.  It is time to
celebrate all women of a certain age.

And what a time to celebrate!
We may just crack the glass ceiling and
soon have our first woman president.
It has been a long time coming.

And for those golf enthusiasts,
own pillow as well.

Lynn, Nancy and Harriet are already
to hit the greens with their
tiaras in tow.  They are the Queens after all.
God help any foursome behind them..

All the pillows can be seen in 
my Etsy shop here.

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