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Vintage Rose Paintings for Cottage Homes

I have been reading so much this summer about downsizing and simplifying one's life and I must admit, what a difference it makes not only in the extra spaces in your home but also, the extra spaces in your mind.
I started by taking everything off the walls and living with white spaces in my rooms.  What a difference it makes to have a more tranquil living area without all "the stuff." Coming home feels like a spa now.... and cleaning???? easy as pie.
These two lovely vintage flower painting and  print were part of my collection when I lived in a historic cottage.  I found each of them at a flea market and a garage sale.  I loved collecting years ago and I found some wonderful treasures.
 But now that I live in a smaller city home, there just isn't enough room for everything. And my son, probably won't get a kick out of all my flower paintings....
So........ I have decided to pick some of my favorites and sell them to the next collector of fun items for their sh…

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