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Paris - City Of Love

There is something about love and Paris.   No matter what time of the year .......
There I was sitting in my favorite little bistro at 8:30 in the morning enjoying my café au lait when I noticed this couple saying "goodbye"  to each other before they left for work.
When was the last time  you were kissed so passionately before you  ran off to the office?
Only in Paris. Lovers snuggling everywhere, even in the rain.
Only in Paris. No matter what age, couples link up when they are walking  through a park on a Sunday afternoon.
Only in Paris. Or touching each other gently while dozing in the sun in the Luxembourg Gardens.
Only in Paris. Even the displays outside stores are in couples.
Only in Paris. The graphics on a purse at a  street flea market shows a Parisian man totally besotted by his femme.
Only in Paris. The City of Love

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