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Bette Davis Eyes

"She's pure as New York snow,
She's got Bette Davis eyes."
The Bette Hand Painted Pillow was featured in  ELLE ITALIA September 2009 issue. This smaller version is now in my Etsy Shop.
One of the top ten American film actresses, Bette Davis had  a style all her own which is the reason she is a Notorious Dame.  She was an icon of enormous style and acting ability and  always seemed to do what was right for her. She was known   around Hollywood for being a difficult person to deal with  but she knew what she wanted and wasn't controlled by the film industry moguls.

This hand painted pillow of Bette with black hair is 8" X 8" in 
size and comes with it's own stand so you can place Bette  near your flat screen television and watch all the great  movies together. She is wearing a vintage beaded 1950's earring  because that's the kind of gal she was. 

The quote on the back of the pillow is such a great example  of this woman's independence and sense of h…

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